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The transformaters / Episode 6

Romain, 24 years old, HEDGE-MAN
Roaming the streets, hedge-men are hedge cutters and shredders.
With their feral volubility, they hail gardeners: “Hedge-man here! It’s now or never if you want to have your hedge cut”.
Equipped with their shears and shredders, they cut and shred your shrubs and bushes then spread the precious shredded ramial wood over your vegetable garden.
From the smallest fruit tree to the biggest birch, oak or beech, the hedge-man cuts and shreds everything, except for resinous wood, which is not recommended for spreading on vegetable gardens.
Since they are smart fellows, they keep the surplus in their RCW Container to sell it later.

Victor, 41 years old, HEN HOUSE SUPERVISOR
In the district hen houses, the hen house supervisor looks after the hen broods of local people on holiday.
They are professionals in caretaking and look after the well-being and feeding of the animals as well as keeping the hen house spick and span.
Confronted with births, deaths and illness, hen house supervisors can suffer psychologically since they build up special relationships with the animals.
Hen house supervisors are essential: thanks to them, no need for the HPS (Hen Protection Service), no more abandonment in summer, no more problems in finding a willing friend to look after your feathered friends – the hen house supervisors are there to do just that!
Traditionally, each end to a week of hen-sitting is celebrated with the local residents by a Giant Omelette, an egg-based drinks and nibbles party organised by the hen house supervisor.

Lionel, 34 years old, WATER KEEPER
The Water Keeper is an urban area rainwater engineer.
He identifies surfaces able to collect rainwater and sets up facilities to retrieve this watery valuable.
He does not miss even one drop of rain. The slightest square centimetre of roof must be used to collect his miraculous fluid.
With its pipes, bolts and gutters, the city transforms into a massive rainwater tank, collecting and storing this precious natural resource, which is then transported to people’s gardens and market gardeners, delighted to enjoy guaranteed and free watering.

Aboard their horse-drawn carts, composting toilet technicians collect the bio-controlled litter.
These ecological sanitation specialists do their rounds early in the morning. Equipped with natural linen gloves, they empty buckets and containers left in front of houses and remove number ones and number twos collected in public composting toilets, to take this precious biomass to the methanisation unit and the nearest compost terminal.

Stéphane, 39 years old, MASTER COMPOSTER
Standing guard in front of public composters, Master Composters collect and reclaim organic waste from the population.
Accompanied by their erstwhile companions, the red-worms, they ensure the good condition of the compost.
They keep an eye on the running of collective composters, are present during their opening hours, raise awareness and educate the population about their use.

Mathieu, 25 years old, CARBON-SNIFFER
Blessed with a carbon-educated nose, carbon-sniffers are able to detect the slightest dried carbonated matter, a vital ingredient for good compost.
Once the residues of cardboard packaging, leaves from trees and grass cuttings have been dried and collected, the carbon-sniffers quickly inform their good and faithful colleagues, the Master Composters and Composting Toilet Technicians, so they can concoct a well-balanced compost with 1/3 nitrogen for 2/3 of carbon.
The surplus collected is naturally offered to urban gardeners, always in search of this essential natural element!

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