Uritrottoir City Dry Urinal

Collective Urban Composter EKOVORE

Uritonnoir Dry Urinal

Making our towns and cities more resilient is a matter of urgency. The combined effect of climate, energy, social, financial, food and health crises is pushed us to raise questions in greater depth than ever before about local resources and their location within the country. Consequently, our research turned towards the issues of resilience and circular economies. How, in the urban periphery, can we go about returning to local, organic and seasonal food production? How can we create a drive that will lead to the expansion of new partnerships between farmers and local eaters?

The Ekovores, a ‘system/project’ thus proposes creating farming districts through better integration of the components of this local food production chain. Faltazi’s involvement concerns the design of facilities for each stage of local foodstuff production: stand-by prefab farm systems for production in the green belt; ‘urban-agricultural’ schemes set up on public spaces; means of transport for distributing the production; prefab modules for transforming and preserving foods; urban facilities for reclaiming organic waste; a digital platform for exchanging know-how and how to best organise a vegetable garden. These ‘farm districts’ are seeking a new form of symbiosis, in which organic waste, when transformed into fertiliser, produces the beneficial outcome of vegetables.