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Transformation in urban districts / episode 4

The Ekovores set up LOCAL CANNERIES
They are made of non-corrodible modules compliant with strict hygiene standards.
These canneries are set up on derelict urban land near to markets.
Throwing away, spoiling and wasting are forbidden.
At the end of a market, destroying or leaving partially damaged fruit and vegetables is not allowed.
Carefully collected and sorted, they are stemmed, sliced, shredded, minced, peeled, ground or crushed.
They are then made into soups and other slow-cooked dishes to distribute seasonal surplus in precious sterilised jars to the delight of the Ekovores during winter!
Making jams, purées and ratatouille, this wealth of know-how and recipes supports the producers, reclaiming and transforming their produce into luxury foods.

Vegetable preparation facilities
The Ekovores equip public institutions with VEGETABLE PREPARATION FACILITIES enabling them to provide freshly gathered fruit and vegetables.
School and retirement home canteens, which are often old, do not have kitchens with vegetable preparation facilities.
Providing MODULES changes the situation. These temporary, pre-fabricated buildings, compliant with the latest hygiene standards are installed around the buildings, giving high school kitchens refrigerated storage space and operational vegetable preparation facilities.
The vegetable producers deliver ultra-fresh just-picked produce to the place where it is eaten.
No long periods in cold chambers, no freezing, no irradiation and no transport to central kitchens. The vegetables, raw vegetables and fruit salads are exceedingly tasty and crunchy, to the delight of discerning taste-buds!

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