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Dark horses / Episode 5

Rémi 43 years old and Didier 41 years old, LOCAL CUSTOMS
The local customs mobile patrol seeks out purchases from long distances.
If there is a product that comes from more than 100 km away in your basket, then you’ll have to pay a fine of more than 100 euros.
The local customs are ruthless, you’ll have no chance of a rosy outcome with them!
And local farmers are rubbing their hands with glee: the fines are passed on to them in full!

Arthur, 19 years old, STIRRERS
Stirrers are militant activists.
Via new digital media, they organise collective militant action.
A common example of their actions is converting each plot of urban land into a public vegetable garden or enhancing building façades with flower features.
Stirrers also like to boldly display gardening tips in the public domain: recipes for liquid nettle manure, methods for growing leeks on balconies, for budding a begonia, setting up red-worm ‘farms’, producing seeds, etc.
Thanks to them, all this know-how is accessible in every nook and cranny of the city.
Although the movement is radical and the stirrers are often armed with Seedbombs, they are not dangerous at all.

Martial, 37 years old, VEGETABLE DEALER
Vegetable-dealers earn their crust by dealing in fruits and vegetables from the other side of the world:
pineapples, guava, bananas, litchis, mangos, soya, quinoa, etc, often petro-vegetables illegally grown and forbidden on the local market.
The veg mafia is very well organised.
Whilst some cargos are intercepted by the local customs, large quantities of vegetables come into the food market on the sly.
Vegetable dealing is a risky business but very lucrative.

François-Xavier, 35 years old, SCARE-CROW MAKER
Hidden away in their deliriums, often located in the outskirts of towns, they make horrible creatures that scare the birds away.
These strange people are rarely seen in daylight and operate in secrecy.
Whoever finds a scare-crow in their garden can be sure that it is the work of the local scare-crow maker.
But nobody, not anyone, has ever come across one.
According to tradition, the scare-crow makers receive the gracious thanks of the population, with gifts are left at the foot of the scare-crow.
To become a scare-crow maker, leave a covering letter with the gifts and let chance do the work.

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