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Distributing / episode 3

AMAP facilities
This short channel distribution is based around a weekly delivery of fruit and vegetables in return for a commitment over a 6 month or 1 year period.
The producer’s delivery truck arrives at the agreed time at the distribution venue. Two to three AMAP members make up the baskets according to the amounts to be distributed.
Few “Associations pour le Maintien d’une Agriculture Paysane” (AMAP, the French version of community supported farming) have access to premises, so the Ekovores have designed a module for welcoming members and preparing baskets. This ‘AMAP MODULE’ attached to the truck unfolds offering shelter and a table for weighing, a piece of equipment conducive to sociability, so everyone can take time to chat to one another.

Market barges
The Ekovores have designed MARKET – BARGES for transporting and distributing vegetables produced.
The River Erdre links the town of Nort-sur-Erdre to Nantes, bordering on lots of agricultural land and is a genuine and feasible means for transporting produce.
To avoid time-consuming intermediate re-loading, the barges are designed to be floating markets when docked, meaning no need for erecting and dismantling stands, or unloading produce. The customer has direct access to the barge transformed into a floating market.
Within a few hours, the market weighs anchor before stopping in another neighbouring district.
The barges are progressively emptied of their fruits, vegetables and transformed produce, then load containers of compost and other fertilising agents from public dry toilets.
During droughts, rainwater tanks can be transported back to the parched countryside.

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